​Together, We Can Achieve More, Quicker, Than You Working Alone.


I've summarised the typical steps involved in a Coaching relationship below and endeavoured to answer the questions I generally receive from those considering Coaching.

Please email with anything I haven't addressed that you would like an answer to, or go ahead and schedule your no cost, no obligation 45 minute exploratory conversation (email and we'll arrange this) and we can talk through your questions then. 

first, let's TALK! ​

Let's initially touch base on the telephone, to talk about what you want to achieve through Coaching.

​Let's ensure that we are comfortable working together and that I can add value.

We can also talk through the logistics of where we will meet (your offices / my office / ​ other venue / via video conferencing), preparation I need you to do, the likely number of coaching sessions, fees etc.

before YOUR coaching BEGINS

I'll then confirm my understanding of what you require, how I propose to assist you in achieving this, the fee and other relevant information we discussed, so that you can agree these.

Before we get going, I will also email you some preparatory work that I need you to complete and return to me. This will be relative to where you are today and where you want to get to. It helps get you focused and enables me to prepare for our first meeting.


I'll arrange for you to have access to my online Coaching Platform, so you can get familiar with using it - you'll find it easy to use and I'll explain everything. It's where your Personal Development Plan will be set up and monitored.

Only you and I will have access to this. It's enormously helpful and will used by us both ​to support our coaching conversations. The Platform is a great place to:

  • Document your Objectives and Goals, their timelines and the incremental actions required to achieve them.
  • For you to regularly update with actions you have taken and milestones reached. Graphs showing % achievement are automatically produced and these are valuable for motivation and for monitoring your progress.
  • I can email you reminders when you don't update your Development Record. I want to know, and I want you to know, how you are getting on with your development objectives all of the time. I'm not going to wait until we meet to ask you whether you did something you committed to. If you don't update your Record to say that you did it, expect a reminder from me. Sure, there may be times where your schedule means that a date you thought was realistic needs to change - no worries, simply login and change it in your Plan. 
  • Knowing how you are getting on also enables me to say "Well done!" when you achieve things. ​So, expect contact from me, between our meetings, congratulating you on the progress you are making!
  • Schedule Coaching Sessions - you can do this through the Coaching Platform.
  • Provide feedback to each other. Yes, please let me know, after each Coaching Session, how effectively I am Coaching you and anything you want me to change. I will, of course, be giving you constant feedback.
  • Share information between us. It's another way of us keeping in touch.
  • Record your learnings, thoughts, ideas and anything else you want to make a note of. Don't loose those insights - set up a Journal and add them into your Coaching Record.



 WHERE? / when? / HOW MANY?

The number of Coaching Sessions and their frequency will be agreed at the beginning of our relationship, based upon your objectives. Coaching Sessions are typically of one hour's duration with an appropriate gap (usually a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks), between each Session, to enable you to take action.

We can meet face to face or through through video conferencing such as Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

if you prefer face to face meetings and are in Singapore, we can meet at your offices, at a suitable location close to them, or at my office in Ocean Financial Centre (next to Raffles Place MRT).


Between our Coaching Sessions is the time when you apply what we discussed and agreed ​in the workplace.

To support you, I am available between ​Sessions to ​talk through issues that you encounter.

Please don't forget to update your Personal Development Record, so we both know how you are getting on.


If helpful, I will arrange Psychometric Profiling and / or 360 Degree Feedback.

Including, if appropriate, me talking directly to relevant people in your business network to get direct input from them.

Once completed, we will review the Report(s) together during our Sessions and draw conclusions about what is helping you in your approach today, and what  opportunities exist to change your approach to be even more effective.

Sometimes, it's helpful for people you interact with to join us for a Session, so that they can elaborate on the feedback provided, and we can arrange this.


My role is initially to assist you in clarifying your development objectives. I may challenge them if they appear unrealistic / too soft / off track with what you have told me about yourself and why you want Coaching.

Next, I will ​work with you to help you achieve these objectives. This will be through a combination of discussion / me providing examples / sharing my experience / making suggestions / sharing practical behavioral models and techniques / providing feedback to you on what you say and I observe / you practicing skill application with me and us reviewing it / reminding you to take action / more.

By working together, ​we can achieve more, quicker, than is possible by you working alone.

Coaching requires commitment from us both, to ensure that you achieve the success you require.


​Let's talk about your objectives and ​how coaching can work for you.